Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'll Get Ya, Commie!

I was doing some end of the year cleaning and came across this photo that I had forgotten about. It's of Chynna, the student, presenting Robs, the teacher, with a unicorn play set called "Cold War Unicorns Play Set starring Commie versus Freedom". Too funny! Here's the back story. We had been studying Communism (USSR, The Cold War, spread in SE Asia, Korean War, Vietnam War) in my 20th Century Studies class and the kids got really involved in the topic. They were especially interested in the Vietnam War because Robs was a Vietnam vet who had, over the years, captivated them with anecdotal information about the War and humored them with his anti-communist musings. So, while talking about the Cold War, I had used a photo of this toy as an attention grabber. The kids loved it and thought Robs would too. I bartered with them--you track it down, you find out ordering details & I'll buy it for the class to give to Robs. They fulfilled their end, so I fulfilled mine.


Kathy G said...

Since the students took ownership of the whole process, I'll bet they remember THESE lessons way longer than one where they just had to read a book.

a.eye said...

That's hilarious.