Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Compton Hill Reservoir Park

Willa calls the Compton Hill Reservoir Park "Ariel's House." Ariel as in The Little Mermaid. And, yes, she does believe that Ariel lives in the water tower. Who am I to ruin her fun? So, I drive by this park at least twice most days. It's at the corner of Grand and Russell Avenues. It is actually not that much of a park, especially if you judge a park by its the size of its green space. Rather, it's more of a system of sidewalks, concrete paths, and well-worn grass trails that run the perimeter of both the park and the reservoir. The park also has a couple of interesting architectural features, the most prominent of which is the afore mentioned water tower. There are also a couple of nice sculptural elements on the exterior of the reservoir. On a final note, if anyone out there knows what the deal is with the ponds, i.e. why one was filled in and why the other remains unfilled, please drop me a comment.


Kathy G said...

Beautiful pictures!

I was in your area a while back (volunteering at KDHX). When I signed up I was hoping I could spend time after my shift browsing through your neighborhood, since I never get there.

Wouldn't you know, it rained cats and dogs the whole day?

R said...

I drive past there twice a day as well, but haven't ever walked through. i just might, now, if only to see for myself only one filled pond.