Friday, December 22, 2006

Gateway to the West

First semester is over....yeah, yeah, yeah! It's been quite an experience working with the SLPS system this year. Most things are just as I expected (think STL media coverage) but the personnel issues have been unbelievable! People coming and going, going and coming--me included. Although I was hired to teach history at Roosevelt, I am now teaching special education at Gateway Institute of Technology (after a brief stop in 6th grade at Humboldt Middle). And, this was all in the first week of school. Crazy! But, I've adjusted, I think, and have discovered that I work with a pretty great group of teachers. Here are a few photos from my classroom at Gateway and our bi-monthly teaching training workshop at Milo's on the Hill.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gardenland Express

I've never been particularly interested in trains or model trains but going to see the annual Gardenland Express exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden has become a tradition for Bill and me. It's quite an amazing sight. Each year the Garden staff constructs this wonderfully elaborate train display using flora from the Garden. The details are so layered that you can spend hours studying the exhibit's depth and beauty. Plus, you get to see a lot of little boys, especially, in train conductor hats and Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirts.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hoot Hoot Hoot

Willa's fascination with owls, especially their "Hoot-Hoot" call, has continued so we spent the morning at the World Bird Santuary in Lone Elk State Park. Although we were bundled, the weather was unseasonably warm--about 60 degrees by the time we left. Willa tried out the few bird calls that she knows. It was fun to watch her as she tried to get the birds' attention. Willa was so serious as she attempted a call. Then, when the bird responded, she reacted with such surprise--as if her magic worked.