Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Been a Slow Newsday

To my very small, but hopefully faithful, group of readers, I offer a heartfelt apology for not keeping the blog as up to date as I had intended to when I started this lil' hobby back in the day.

Just in case you're curious......a couple of major problems have recently slowed me down.

#1 an enormously busy work schedule has resulted in an almost a complete lack of content to write/photo about
#2 my 8 year old laptop has recently gone into its final stages of life.

As a result of the latter, I've been spending a lot of weekend time frantically transferring photos, music, and anything else of value to the external hard drive hoping to protect my stuff and to buy some time. And, while I am lucky to have a sweet school district Mac that I can use in the mean time, it's ultimately not mine so I'll have to stop (mis)appropriating it at some point.

Okay, I guess it's clear, since I'm writing, that I feel the need to provide an update even though I have no pictures. In a nutshell this: Willa turned 4, we enjoyed the holidays, we survived a barrage of children's birthday parties (Willa's present of choice? A Barbie, naturally!), had fun with a few snow days, went to The Rep for a few more shows, went to the Symphony for a few more shows, planned our two week summer vacation to Yellowstone and the Tetons, saw Seinfield at the Fox (thanks Monica!), and went to Bloomington, IL for my niece's birthday party. Not too shabby!