Sunday, May 04, 2008

How We Spent Prom

While the kids danced the night away, well....until 10:30 anyway, Bill and I entertained ourselves in other ways. One, we kid watched. If you haven't done this recently, I highly recommend it, especially for its anthropological value. Two, we walked the perimeter of the room. As a chaperone, your main duty to make sure that the kids aren't being inappropriate (having fun, in their words). Three, we made art from Eiffel Tower confetti. When a student observed that following Monday that she liked our tessellations, I nearly cried (seriously, how many of us might have used that word, especially at 17, especially correctly?).

Afterward, Bill and I went to a local neighborhood fave, VanGoghz, for a martini. I'm not a huge fan of most martinis but I stop dead in my tracks for a great coffee flavored one. Absoluti Goosed and Van Goghz make the best in St. Louis (both happen to be within walking distance of my house!). If you know any other places that serve great coffee martinis, please drop me a line.

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