Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Senior Pranks

Yep, it's that time.....time for Senior Pranks! woo hoo! Yesterday morning, all the teachers came into their classrooms to find this message:

It says, "Look really hard for them all!" They hid all our dry erase markers and replaced them with chalk. Funny, funny stuff. Today, the prank was even better. The kids found a way to hijack the school's intercom from a regular classroom phone. Once the gained access, they looped some music which played until, presumably, they got tired or caught. Much funnier prank.

The best senior prank was from last year's seniors. Apparently, they put the school (calling it a 'building') and the school's property up for sale in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I hear it was a steal! Get this. They managed to find out the principals school cell phone number and gave that as the contact number. Brilliant!

UPDATE: They got caught! Apparently, the music also played over the Middle School intercom too. Not so bad in itself but REALLY bad when MAP testing is going on. Not cool. So, the kids were given the choice: 5 days suspension or a week of working the 6th grade academic camps this summer. They both opted for the later.


Kathy G said...

I like your seniors' ideas for pranks...nothing broken or harmed. Just good fun!

a.eye said...

Another great one was a few years back with the old library. The librarian was very strict and anal about things. The kids put Playboy Magazines throughout the library, shoved between books on the shelves so it was virtually impossible to find them all until they had to move the library. Imagine some middle schooler's (or her own) shock when they look for the encyclopedia on zebras and find a magazine full of naked women!!