Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beer Dinner

Thanks go out to our friends Dona and Paul who turned us on to the beer dinner. Here's the deal. About once a month, a local restaurant and a local brewer partner up to sponsor a multi-course meal in which the perfect beer is selected to compliment each predetermined course. Our first beer dinner was at the Newstead Tower Pub House. The Griesedieck Bros., O'Fallon, and Schlafly were there with some tried, true and delicious brews while AB brought a newer one called Shock Top. Shock Top is canned Bud's micro brew-poser, want-to-be-cooler younger brother. He tastes a little better, he tries to look a little better but he still just doesn't cut it. The outer package says it all.

We had such a great time at Newstead that we went to another beer dinner on Thursday night at Mangia Italiano on South Grand. It was a outrageous six course monster sponsored entirely by Schlafy. All I can say is delicious! Oh, and you should definitely go to the next one.

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