Saturday, September 29, 2012

Remembering December 2011

Since it's been a million since I updated the blog regularly, my goal is to feature the highlights of each month.  I covered October last post.  Aside from Thanksgiving, which I have no photos of, and a school-related trip to the Gaylord Texas (YeeHaw!) not much else happened in November.  Oh, unless you count all the Christmas stuff that we started doing, which is pretty embarrassing to admit to so I'll just move on.
This is a Hipstamatic photo that I took on the day that we buried our super awesome, love-her-like-I-birthed-her dog, Grover.  She was 12.5 years and died on December 2.  Bill's parents farm in Warrenton, MO was her favorite place so it only made sense to bury her there.  As kinda obvious in the photo, it was a very somber day; the perfect kind for a lot of crying.
Tuckpointing was finally at the top of the "To Do" list so this is how our house looked for most of the month - covered in a big blue tarp.  Willa always enjoyed a modified game of parachute when we'd walk by to use the side entrance and the tarp was billowing.

 Willa also celebrated birthday number 7 on the 8th of December.  We learned about the "golden birthday" this year, which is when you turn the age of the date of your birthday.  I guess that means that Willa's golden birthday is a few months away.  Is there a special gift that one gets on their golden birthday?  Hope it's not gold.

Willa's witty repartee with Santa at the Galleria Mall.  Must of been a good conversation since he seems so interested.

And, finally, Christmas at Bapcia's, with Willa, Lauren, Joseph, and Andrew.  

Friday, September 28, 2012


Wow! How did it happen that I let a whole year go by without one single, little real post on this little blog?  Not sure.  But, to kick things off again here is a photo of the pumpkins that we carved last October.  I opted for monogram style, assuming that Willa would pick another style for hers.  Nope. She wanted a big ol' dubya (that would be 'W').   So we ended up with an H for the last name and a W for Willa's first name.  Maybe a little confusing from curbside.  Where's Bill's pumpkin though?
 Also, from last Halloween ..... Willa and Her Buddy (aka Grandpa)

Willa, as a Pirate, and Isa, as a Southern Belle, with a photo bomb by Prof. Severus Snape, also known as Bill.