Sunday, October 05, 2008

A List for October 5th

Things I Absolutely Hate and Always Will (in no particular order):

1. patchouli (i mean seriously, it's passe and it stinks)
2. autos that get less than 25 mpg (also avoiding discussing why i hate all suv's and most domestic models)
3. rabbits and, especially, small rodents (those ol' nasty teeth)
4. materialism (no explanation needed)
5. when you can but you won't think for yourself (you have a brain, why not use it?)
6. a warped sense of entitlement (i.e. i'm an american, i have a right to control the universe, not in my back yard!, drill, baby, drill! where are my cheap........, etc)
7. along the same line, self-importance (again, get over yourself--i already have)
8. deceitful behavior (c'mon, can't we all just be honest?)
9. littering (american indian crying, you know you all remember that one)
10. excuses (some are legit, but most aren't)
11. the movie Freedom Writers (what? you think i'm a chump?)
12. hate speech, ism's, and homophobia (it's just not cool, smart, or purposeful)
13. socks with sandals, especially adidas shower sandals (unless you're homeless)
14. giving the peace sign while being photographed (kids, celebs, etc -- it's totally played!)

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