Sunday, September 07, 2008

STL Art Fair 2008

Art falls into 3 categories for me: #1, LOVE IT! Gotta buy it!, #2, Interesting...I'll make a mental note, or #3, You gotta be kidding me--this is awful!. Yesterday, at the STL Art Fair in Clayton, I saw approximately 4 - LOVE It! Gotta buy it! artists, about 10 - Interesting artists, and a whole big o'bunch of you gotta be kidding me's. Here are my 1, 2, 3, and 4 favorites that I wanted to purchase a piece from but didn't. I did buy another Marvin and Wendy Hill -- a mermaid woodcut called Le Mer -- for Willa (yes, mer is feminine for you francophiles out there yet this print was named as though the word were masculine). I didn't make it to Art Oustide this year so I hope that I did miss a lot. At least I have these events to look forward to -- Strange Folk and Rock and Roll Craft Show.

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Kathy G said...

I agree with you that there's a whole lot at the Clayton fair that I could never afford.

The Maplewood fair has a lot more things that I would possibly buy (if I didn't have every square inch of my walls and shelves covered with "stuff"), but I couldn't make it to either art fair this year.

Went to the R&R Craft Show for the first time last year. It was good, and DH enjoyed listening to the music while I shopped!