Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Soccer Mom

I've always taken the back seat driver approach to other people's motherhood -- butting in with little jewels like, "what do you mean you're not using cloth diapers? shame on you for ruining the environment like that!" "not breastfeeding, what? you want a sickly slow kid?" "nice clothes? crazy! my kid's going organic cotton caveman style until kindergarten." You name it, I could find something to say about it. But, now that I find myself actually walking down that road, I try to watch what I say a little more carefully because I know that it's likely that I'll have to retract some earlier proclamation. So, where is this post going you ask? Well, tonight I attended my 3, almost 4, year old kid's 2nd soccer practice--thereby sucking in the parenting gems about over scheduling kids and spending my hard earned money on plastic team sports (I shudder when I say that!) equipment. I mean, really, who even knew that kids could even play soccer at this age! And, that they'd find 21 girls for a single school team! (Bill says, you can't go to Catholic school in STL and not play soccer. I guess he's right.). So what does this mean for me? Well, I guess it means that, at least until November, I'm a mom with a kid playing soccer. Just please don't call me a soccer mom ..... ugh!

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Unknown said...

That is the best soccer outfit I've ever seen. Go Willa!