Monday, May 24, 2010

Chicken Update

For those of you that might be interested in a chicken update, I have some happy news and some sad news. The sad news first (you probably can guess where this one is going). One of our little chicks was always a little off from the rest -- a little smaller, a little slower, and a little sickly. Willa affectionately named her Scarlett, after a classmate. Over the next few weeks, Scarlett quit thriving and became increasingly lethargic and sleepy (she literally slept or remained in a seated position around the clock). Bill even had to bathe her and trim her bottom feathers which had become rather soiled. Eventually, another hen, either Ava, Abby, or Madison (yes, also named by Willa after her classmates), started exhibiting the same lethargy and sleepiness. We made the decision at that point to sequester them in hopes of preventing any further spreading of the virus or whatever it was that they had. Unfortunately, neither improved and both died within the week. The happy news is that the other 3 chicks - two hens and a rooster (yes, we will have to find a nice farm for him at some point) - are doing very well, growing big, and fully living in the coop (instead of my kitchen!). I haven't taken any new photos of the chicks recently but plan to this weekend so that I can post them soon. They look like real chickens now! Also, I'll snap and post some of the coop too. Bill has done a wonderful job planning it, building it, and putting the finishing touches on it and I'd like to show it off :)

Lastly, school is winding down for the year so new posts should be coming more frequently. And although we've been pretty busy this last month or two, I do have a few posts old posts ready to be tweaked and posted. In the mean time, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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