Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicken Update, Part Trois

When Bill decided that he wanted to build our chicken coop I was relieved because if you've looked at pre-fab chicken coops you know that #1, they aren't cheap and #2 they lean toward that country style of which I am not a fan. So, Bill and I looked through some online and print resources and finally decided on a general style that we found to be both functional and visually appealing. Bill drew up the plans, put together a materials list, and was able to get started in March when we first got the chicks. The location of the coop was a no-brainer -- it would go in the darkest corner of the yard where, try as we might every year, we could never get anything to grow. We didn't worry about sufficient light because our chickens would have plenty of yard time and, in the winter, the lack of vegetation would let the sun shine right on in. After a few weekends worth of work, Bill finished the coop. The chickens are finally living in the coop full-time now, including nights, and enjoying adventures in the yard everyday.

Front view of the coop. After I snapped the photo, I noticed that the wood panel on the upper left was hanging off a bit. I suspected that maybe a raccoon might have tried to break into the coop already but, as it turns out, Bill said that he misplaced the nails so he hadn't totally nailed it down. Once he found them, he didn't nail it in because he was considering putting mesh wire up instead. What do you think?

Side view (top and bottom) of the coop with door open and door closed.

We've had grapes for a few years now and decided to use the coop instead of the ornamental metal trellises to support the vines. I like the look of it and it provides some shade for the chickens during the hot summer months.

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I LOVE it!!