Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowy Day in St Louis

When I was growing up, my sister and I went to private school so a day off school due to weather was a very, very, very rare thing. And, when it did happen, we were inclined to believe that a miracle of great proportions had just occurred. Now I know better. The district where I now teach, a public school district, had also prided itself on very rarely closing for weather. In fact, one crazy snowy slippery day last year we were the only school in St Louis that remained opened. Maybe the super thought that we would win a prize. We didn't. So, imagine my surprise when I got the phone call last night that school was canceled for today. Even Willa, who now goes to private school, got the day off too. I wish that I could say that we packed the day with fun-filled activities but it ended up being a lazy, trying to stay warm kinda day. Which, in my book, is good every now and then. But, by three p.m., I needed to get out. So, I packed up the car with long put off returns from Christmas and headed around town. I made my way to Crestwood, to Sunset Hills, to Brentwood, to Richmond Heights, to Kingshighway & Arsenal, and then back home. A three hour tour. Not exactly fun, but just what I needed. The good news is that I get a chance to do it all again tomorrow. Looks like I get another day off.

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