Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 50th Revolution Anniversary Cubans! Happy 2009 Yanks!

Cubans: Happy 50th Anniversary Revolution! You're still communist, admittedly not as bad ass and scary as you once were under Fidel. But your access to free and decent health care does put some of the rest of us to shame. And, while we're shaming--kudos to your high literacy rate and access to higher education. But, what's with the twenty dollars a month and censorship? I just can't get on board that flotilla. Come on Raul, keep those freedoms and liberties a comin'!

2008. Where to start?
Family: Glad to report that there were very few unhealthy and unhappy moments in 2008. In regard to the nuclear family.....Bill and I celebrated anniversary number eight in March and seem poised to make it, happily, to anniversary number nine. Great guy, great person, grateful everyday that I met him. Willa started the year as a quasi-independent, inquisitive, sweet-natured three year old. Mostly still is. She ended her stint in day care at Kindercare in July (so sad.... especially because Kinderecare had been part of our lives since Willa was seven months old!). Took her first two summer camps at COCA (without knowing anyone) and loved them (*have you ever seen a penguin come to tea, take a look at me, a penguin you will see.....penguins attack! penguins begin* thanks for the quirky summer tune COCA!). And, in August, began her first official year in pre-k at SMOS.

Work: I finished my first full year at my now no-longer-new job. Glad that I survived but wished that I didn't have to go back. Now, I'm glad that I did. May not be the best building admin but I have great colleagues, great kids, and great professional opportunities.

The Rest: Didn't win the lottery but can't say that my life is any less rich. In fact, its pretty decent. I've had fun blogging more this year (even if I'm the only person reading this thing!). Gotten reacquainted with some old lost pals from as far back as elementary school. Have my health (or at least I think so!). Have my sanity (on most days). Can't complain. Well, unless I give it some thought.....

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