Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oscar Party

Colette and Dan's annual Oscar Party was a few Sundays ago on Oscar night. No Colette and Dan party is complete without either homework, a challenge, or both. FYI...Their Oscar parties require homework. This year, the guests had to submit ahead of time a list of their fave top 10 books that have been made into movies. Last year's request was a list of fave top 10 movie quotes. In case you're wondering, yes, Colette and Dan are teachers too! And, yes, you probably guessed it......English teachers!
I didn't take a lot of photos at the party but I did want to post these two. The first is of Willa rockin' the celeb gear--boa, glasses, party dress, pea coat, Dorothy shoes. Too funny! She'll be so glad when she's an adult to have this photo. One of my favorites of myself as a child was taken after some experimentation with my Grandma's make-up, wig, and high heels. I'm 5 and sitting, completely clowned up, in this totally 70's chair. I still have this Polaroid and always will. Hilarious!
The second is of a fabulously cool light/chandelier that is the focus of the dining room at Colette and Dan's. Colette has a very daring, bold sensibility when it comes to art. And, she is a talented multi-media crafter/artist to boot. Although Colette owns some really super art work, it is the chandelier that initially catches your eye. I always assumed that she made it but found out Oscar night that I was wrong.

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