Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow is My Friend, But.........

I love a good ol' snow day off school as much as the next person but the snowy, icy conditions made me feel trapped in the house on Friday. Sure, I did some productive stuff--downloaded some new tunes, played Barbie tea party with the kid (2-games-in-1, my favorite kind!), read the news, watched some funny You Tube videos, ate some Ramen, painted & made art with the kid, took a nap, played Barbie tea party with the kid (again), read some magazines, (you get the idea). But, I wanted out! So, yesterday, I hit the ground runnin'--well, walking, often slowly, actually. After all, I'm no dynamo.

First, to the Humane Society for Grover's med's. Second, to the Goodwill to drop off several bags of stuff (I love giving away stuff for a good cause but I hate that I end up with so much crap to give. Note to self: Gotta curb that waste!). Third, to the Framery in Soulard to drop off some cool art that I bought on Etsy. Fourth, lunch at McGurk's.

Views from our usual booth--outside and in.
We had some family fun making snow art with found sticks on the way back to the car.

And, lastly, Bill and I went to Powell Symphony Hall to listen to some Wagner, Stravinsky, & Strauss.

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