Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Yard Summer 2007

Green thumb? Not so much. But, how I do love to try. And, there's nothing better than when all things agricultural align and you walk out back and see the fruit of your effort: vegetables, fruits, flowers, vines, etc. This year started out promising (I swear) but the catalpa tree did what trees do (it grew leaves) and shaded out my flowers. Had I planted flowers for a partially shady area I would have been in good shape. But, I didn't. So just as I finally came to terms with my huge gardening blunder, the catalpa tree started to die (verticillium wilt). Although there is a small chance it will survive, it's not likely. And, the flowers? Well, they're mostly dead too. Oh, and look at our neighbor's tree (bottom photo, big maple)--is that how you prune a tree?

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