Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

A few years ago, during a rocky patch with her now husband, Phyllis suggested the idea of having a book club. Since most of the potential members were eager readers and already knew one another from having worked together in various bookstores, the book club came to life rather quickly. Although it had a good run, the club is, alas, defunct. But, we did manage a book club reunion of sorts recently at the wedding of fellow former member Sarah at the Stupp Center in Tower Grove Park (TGP). Sarah is third former book club member to marry in TGP--me in 2000, Dona in 2001, and, now, Sarah in 2007--but the first one to have her audience warmed up by a fire eater.

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e.gray said...

You guys have the best blog ever--seriously, and not just because you have pictures from our wedding on it!