Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the News Noon

Ah, man! Trickle down.....I mean, trickle down...hahaha! Well, it all sounded so real that we totally bought it. Using economics and physics and politics and psychology talk. Man, that was a good one, you big prankster you....

The world's running out of non-saline water and we still allow common folk, in ordinary situations to drink bottled water whenever they want.  Why is this not illegal? This should be illegal. If you're still drinking bottled water, you're a horrible person that is contributing to the death of this planet.  And no excuse that comes to mind will make me think differently. 

Even Pope Francis agrees.....

Some things never change. Instead of dumpin' Jackson's ol' sorry, contributed-nothin'-positive-to-US-history-ass off the $20, the gov takes the easy way out - kicks Hamilton out of prominence (golly, the $10 was up for resign anyway guys), takes the xenophobic way out (hehe, the gov's been waiting a long time to take down Hamilton, that bastard immigrant - this one's for you, T.Jeff!), and takes the stickin' it to women way out (yes, $10 is less than $20 people). And, guess what? We're like, "Great. Thank you, Mr. President." Thanks for this great big turd.

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