Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Winter is my reward for tolerating summer.  However, winter must have taken a vacation in 2011/2012 because it barely dipped below 60 degrees all season long.  So much for a winter wonderland.  Unseasonably warm or not, we kept up with our usual winter activities.  Here is a sampling of the things that we did last winter in and around St. Louis. 

 Family Fun Day at the St. Louis Art Museum.  This session, we made sculptures inspired by the architect Antoni Gaudi.

 Photo from the annual Orchid show at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

 Willa and her friend, Madison, at the St. Margaret of Scotland School Talent Show.  They sang "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie.

 Bill and Willa goofing around at the Wild Bird Sanctuary.

 Willa and cousins, Hannah (L) and Haleigh (R), at Wild Lights at the St. Louis Zoo. 

Will and Bill posing for a photo at the St. Louis Zoo Centennial Exhibit.


Kathy G said...

I was at St. Margaret of Scotland for the first time over the weekend for a memorial service. What a beautiful church, surrounded by a lovely area!

Christine said...

It is a beautiful church. They've just re-glazed all the stained glass and plan to repaint and repair the inside walls next. Should be stunning when all the work is completed. My daughter's been a student there since she started Pre-K. Now, she's in 2nd grade, our 5th year! Time flies....