Saturday, June 05, 2010

Delicious Cookies

Mom Henske would never think of celebrating a holiday without serving beautifully decorated, tasty cookies as the final course of the day's meal. For many years, the cookies were from Clayton's Bakery and Deli on Manchester Road in Des Peres. Their website isn't super great but their cookies and cakes are - so much so that I've made the drive out there just to pick up their goodies for special occasions (they must be really good because you know how I hate to drive west of 170 for anything!). Recently, Mom Henske buying cookies from Lubeley's Bakery, which is on Watson Road, just outside the city limits in Shrewsbury (I'd link you to their website but it's just AWFUL! Just as visually bad as Clayton's but, as a bonus, you'll waste 15 thousands millions of minutes waiting for it to fully load.). Initially, I preferred Clayton's cookies, which are less dense and a little sweeter, but I've since grown fond of Lubeley's too. I mean how could something that attractive not be tasty?

These are the designs that Mom Henske bought from Lubeley's for our Memorial Day celebration.

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