Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creamy Jello Treat

The family walked to Jay's International Grocery on Grand Avenue the other night. The custom is that, in addition to the stuff that's on the list, each person gets to pick out one item that goes unchallenged (legality and safety being the exceptions of course). As you might guess, this item typically ends up being some sweet treat. Bill picked a black licorice candy bar. Winner! I picked a chocolate and coconut candy bar -- like Mounds but without the high fructose corn syrup. Also a winner! Willa's pick? A box of strawberry flavored DoFu. That's right, DoFu. As you can see in the photos above DoFu is a creamy jello-like product that is prepared in the same way as jello except you add milk. I say "jello-like" because DoFu is actually made from seaweed, not jello and not tofu (as I had originally suspected). The box directions recommend that you serve DoFu with fruit or whipped cream. We didn't have any fruit in the house that would complement the DoFu and the whipped cream in the frig was pretty much a relic from the Cold War. Having no other garnishing options, we dug into the DoFu au naturel. So, how did it taste? Take a look at Willa's expression in photo #4. Yes, it was that bad.

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