Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Shaved Duck

A couple of Fridays ago, Bill and I met Dona and Paul for dinner at The Shaved Duck. I'm not a fan of duck but I did see alternate options on the online menu that looked pretty tasty. Plus, I'd been really wanting to check this place out -- first when it was called Pestalozzi Place (I think that was the name -- or something like that) and now as The Shaved Duck.

Bill ordered the Pork Tenderloin which he described as being "good, but not the best ever." I ordered the Beef Brisket which while having an excellent flavor was really very dry. I had to improvise by putting my cole slaw on the sandwich to give it some moisture. Not a bad quick fix to the problem but, as a customer, I shouldn't have to work so hard to be creative. I also ordered a Caesar Salad which was very tasty -- their secret? Homemade corn bread croutons. Yum.

So would I go again? Yes. For a few reasons. One, it's in the neighborhood and supporting local businesses is important to me. Two, the food was decent and worth another try. Third, I enjoyed the ambiance. I recommend going to the bathroom for a surprise -- a fully loaded beauty tray. I tried the hairspray.

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Battra13 said...

I had no idea we were neighbors!

I have been meaning to try that place out for a long past it 70 times a