Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everyday is Earth Day

Here's my status post from Facebook:

"i do the reduce, i do the recycle. but i need new ideas for reuse. especially for my regular items: aluminum cans, 2-liter plastic bottles, 1-gallon plastic milk jugs, glass beer bottles. suggestions? any good websites?"

If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I'd love for you to post it in a comment. I'm getting really frustrated with the amount of recyclables that I have that I've run out of 'reuse' purposes. Alternatively, if you know of an art project or nature craft that includes any of these items please post that as well.

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a.eye said...

When I did a before/after school gig for elementary kids we used milk jugs to make hats and masks. Those and 2-liter bottles could also be used to make mini-stages for plays for little toy/paper people. Those might be fun for your daughter. And for more grown up stuff, you could break the glass bottles up into pieces and make them into some kind of mosaic art for the top of a table. You put the pieces down and then cover it with some kind of sealant made for those kinds of crafts. Or you could put a large piece of glass over it. Looked cool when I saw it done on some HGTV show.