Monday, September 03, 2007

Frost and Fungus Recovery

The backyard is looking quite healthy and alive in spite of some near-natural disasters. For example, the Catalpa tree has made significant improvement after a hefty dose of nitrogen (see earlier post). According to reputable gardening sources, we had a 50/50 chance of getting the tree back. To date, it looks like we've won. It also looks like we won in the grape department too. After an unexpected spring frost, the vines did manage a nice comeback. Although we didn't get any fruit, we're hoping for a crop next year. And, finally, the bowl gourds are looking well suited for bowl making. Bill attached rope on the side of the porch assuming that the gourds would follow upward. It happened last year, but not so this year. Instead, the vines veered to the right and used the Crape Myrtle for support.

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Unknown said...


Your yard looks fabulous, and I'm jealous. Our crepe myrtle died in the backyard, but survived in the front. That frost was really, really brutal.