Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Painting a Metro Bus

Our school district recently sponsored its first arts festival. As we walked around, we took in the sights and sounds of the artists, dancers, and musicians. We came as visitors, as did a many of our younger students, but I saw a number of our middle and high school students and our teachers and our parents and our community members all willingly, all happily, all tirelessly volunteering their Friday night to make this festival super fun and super successful. I felt a lot of pride as I left that night. However, one of the main reasons that I went to the festival, aside from just showing my support, was to have the experience of painting a Metro Transit St. Louis bus. Well, I should clarify, Willa got to paint the bus, not me. Boo to adulthood. Anyway, the artist created a design that highlighted several of the more unique things about our district that we are, dare I say it again, very proud of. I forgot to ask the driver which route the bus be on but I'm hoping that it's the 30 bus, which runs West/East from Southwest Ave to Arsenal Avenue, because that's the one that I'm most likely to see.

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