Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Vacation? Huh?

Ask a teacher and they'll probably tell you that they really don't get much of a summer break. You may not believe them but it's very true. Take me for instance. I teach. I get a summer break. But does the break really add up to any more than a 2 or 3 week vacation, which is what most people get who work year-round? Let's do the math. My last day of school was May 30th but I had to work June 2-4 & the 6th. So I had one day of vacation on the 5th of June. From June 9th until today, I've been writing curriculum with Laura, our Library Media Specialist. Everyday, for almost 3 weeks, working in the library (pictured above). And, while it is a beautiful library, it was also work. Since we're done writing, I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off. Now, I'm up to 3 days of vacation. I still owe the district 2 weeks of curriculum writing for my 20th Century Studies class so I may knock those out from June 30 to July 14th. Then, I'll work at least one week on planning and organizing for next year. Let's say I'll use July 15 to 21st. Now, I can start my vacation--a grand total of approximately 3 weeks before work starts back on the 11th of August. So, the next time someone wants to talk about how much time teachers get off in the summer, remember this story.


Kathy G said...

I hope you get some financial renumeration for all the summertime work you're doing!

Christine said...

Yes, I am paid for most of the work. My district realizes that the work would not get done without compensation.