Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MissileFits Model Rocketry Club

There's been a soft buzz of excitement around my house in anticipation of the 9th Annual MissileFits Rocket Launch in Forest Park. But, now that the weekend of the launch is upon us, the soft buzz has grown into a full blown frenzy of excitement. A sample of phrases heard around my house this week: "That's MY rocket!" "Watch out below!" "Where's the fire?" "I'm just looking at it." "Can we shoot it off now?" "Oh, yeah!" So, Willa named our entry Tammi. It's decorated quite nicely with glitter glue and puffy paint, which you can't see too well in these photos. And, there's plenty of room in the nose for our little tiny fuzzy blue chick pilots and parachute.

UPDATE: Things went well for the dynamic duo. Check out Willa's Rocket and its worm pilot.

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Kathy G said...

Sorry to read the rocket launch had to be rescheduled...tomorrow's weather is supposed to be much better.

I LIKE your Meez. I see you went for the "premium" background!