Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Holy Sisters of St. Joseph

A few weeks ago Dona suggested a walk to Bellerive Park which is located on the Southside of St. Louis City along the upper banks of the Mississippi River. For some reason I couldn't go and as disappointed as I was at the time I was so much more when I heard the sordid little details of her trip southward. Here's a bone: our local prostitutes don't look anything like Julia Roberts. As it would turn out, I got my chance to see Bellerive Park and its surrounds first hand today. Dona, Bill, and I walked from South Grand, to Bates, to Bellerive. As expected, the park provided some very scenic views of the Missisippi River and some not so subtle reminders of our ties to the economy of the river.

On a seedier note, Bellerive Park used to have the reputation of being a pickup spot for some entertainment of the adult variety. The local alderman has taken credit for cleaning up the park but you may not know it by the looks of the locals we saw hanging out. Surprisingly enough, the action, or lack of it, at Bellerive takes place right down the hill from the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph which is definitely worth checking out. It has very interesting history, architecture, iconography, and landscaping. And, of course, the views of the Mississippi are stunning (some might say inspirational).

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