Thursday, July 03, 2008

Interesting Scenery

One of the best parts about living where I do is that there is usually something going on, and it's usually within walking distance. The best part of getting out is that you get to take in a lot of interesting scenery. Yeah and we have a lot of it too: the green variety (parks), the old variety (history and architecture), and the business variety (the restaurants, bars, and shops on South Grand and Morgan Ford, and not to mention those in the neighborhoods of TGE, TGS, and Shaw). But, we have some interesting scenery of the homo sapien variety too. Most notably there's the cross-dressing "Can you spare a gal some change" man (a.k.a. "Don't be afraid of me because I'm black" cross-dressing man) and the two men and a story late-night duo doorbell ringers (money for gas, money for the phone, money because I'm stranded, money for my broken car, money for....well, you get the idea). Ah, gotta love em'.

I always notice other things too. Like these Bill McClellan Motherfucker stencils. I guess they are/were a band. If you know anything about them (aside from winning RFT's "Best Band Name"), I'd love to hear about it.

I also saw this little cartoon stapled on a few random utility poles in the area. It's a photocopy of the cartoon which has then been cut out and glued to a paper plate. Again, would love to know what it's about. So, if ya know, please enlighten me.

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