Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Walking Adventures 2008

Woo Hoo! Dona and I have started considering the various destinations of our 2008 summer walks. As usual, Tower Grove and Carondolet Parks will play heavy in the rotation for a couple of reasons---#1 I live by TGP and Dona lives by CP, #2 Both are decent sized parks with lots of walking opportunities, especially on days where you want to walk for exercise rather than a potential adventure (not that I won't have my camera), #3 They are shady and scenic, especially TGP (well, I'm partial). Because I'm still gathering destinations, I would love to hear from locals who might have a suggestion for a potential adventure walk. We've typically stayed in the city-- walking its neighborhoods, parks, and sites--but there are no hard fast rules here.


Kathy G said...

Not exactly in a park, but have you ever done the architectural guided walking tours of downtown St. Louis? If I remember correctly, there are a couple of them, and they are held on Saturday mornings. Pretty cheap, and I learned a lot.

Also not in the city, but worth the drive, is Laumeier Park. Culture and exercise at the same time!

Dona said...

Yah, I'd be up for Laumeier; I think I read there is a new sculpture installation there as of this week.