Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fishing in Lake Superior

Bill wanted to do some fishing while we were up north so I arranged a 1/2 day charter with Nourse Sport Fishing. Captain Laurie Nourse picked us up early Tuesday and took us to a few hot spots known for Lake Trout. The fish weren't biting much at first so we spent some time in silence, observing the beautiful scenery of Lake Superior. We also spent some time, eventually, getting to know our Captain. Soft spoken and reserved, Capt. Laurie began to share storied with us about his life: his career with the Wisconsin DNR, his fishing business, his family, wintering in Harlingen, TX. Finally, a fish bit! And, despite his aforementioned demeanor, Captain Laurie moved lightning fast toward the pole, grabbed it out of the down rigger, and handed it to Bill. Bill reeled the fish in like a pro, Capt. Laurie scooped it up in the net, and WHACK! Killed that fish dead with a seasoned, precise smack to the head with a wooden mallet. Talk about unexpected. Wow. And, then total silence until Willa said, "Is that blood?" I guess we should have expressed to Capt. Laurie prior to this moment that all we wanted was a photo, not a feast. Needless to say, we had Lake Trout for dinner that night...and the next....and the next.....

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