Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ban Bottled Water!

If there is any one good reason to drink bottled water, I haven't found it. But, I can offer you four GREAT reasons (in no particular order) not to drink bottled water: #1-always resist plastic (which relies on petroleum), #2-tap water is generally pretty tasty, #3 tap water is free, and #4-you shouldn't create unnecessary waste. Yes, I know that you're thinking, "Well, what about recycling them?" Problem is, no one really does it. Doug James of Cornell says that "Since its recent popularization, bottled water (in all its flavors) has become one of the most consumed, yet least recycled beverages. For example, it is estimated that in 2005 alone approximately 30 billion plastic water bottles were purchased, with only about 12% recycled (in part due to out-dated deposit laws). The remaining 25 billion bottles were either landfilled, littered or incinerated." In fact, you should check his video. Cool stuff. And, St. Louis City is doing it right too. In addition to several influential restaurants, the city has pledged to reduce and, eventually, eliminated bottled from offices, meetings, events, etc. Way to go greener St. Louis City! You too can take the pledge. Just click here for more info.


Dad said...

see this link

D'Ann said...

In addition to all the negative environmental and health issues that bottle water contribute towards, I absolutely hate seeing grown adults walking around with a bottle of water; let alone seeing them sucking on a bottle of water! It's a society issue; people have been brained washed believing bottled water is safer than tap water; plus, people think they look "cool" carrying around or sucking on a bottle of water. I wonder if they ever look in the mirror when they are sucking on that bottle of water? Unfortunately, I have to have daily contact with people who are constantly sucking on a bottle of makes me cringe! They carry that bottle with them EVERYWHERE! And, the EXPENSE! I can't believe they spend that much money on bottled water when you can drink tap water.