Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow in the Lou

An unexpected snow hit us here in St. Louis on Saturday. It wasn't that the snow itself was unexpected - because it had been in the forecast - but it felt unexpected because it had been between 70 - 80 degrees earlier in the week. But, no biggie to me; as you all know, I love me some snow! And, it was gorgeous! Here are a few photos that I took from Saturday and Sunday. The top two are from Saturday, early afternoon, when the snow first started falling. They were taken at the park by Lola on North 14th Street where we went for brunch. Great, great food! The bottom three were taken today, Sunday, at the playground in Forest Park near the Missouri Historical Society. As you may have noticed, our 4 -6 inches of snow had melted considerably since it was about 40 degrees today.

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