Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ye Olde Renaissance Faire

The Event:
The Renaissance Faire was last Saturday at the school where Bill and I teach. I played Queen Isabella of Spain. Brilliant choice, if I do say so myself. Bill played Sir Walter Raleigh. Um...I'm still undecided about that casting decision. To be fair though, Raleigh was a better role than his original, Head Bridge Troll by Food Court.

The Review:
Let's start with the good news first -- beautiful, beautiful weather, decent, well-behaved crowd, ye olde good times with friends and colleagues, a chance to laugh at yourself in an ill-fitting rental costume, good exercise, and a SUPER, SUPER play (Midsummer Night's Dream - way to go Dando and Company!!!). And now the bad news -- it was a long, long day, I was sun burned, sore, and exhausted by day's end, I had to pay for my own food and drinks (I spent at least 20 bucks) and --best of all--I didn't get paid a cent from the district for being there for 9 hours. Yes, you read correctly. At the very least, they could pay to have my carpet cleaned (dogs, like most other species, cannot hold it for 9 hours~poor Grover!)

The Kid & Hubby:

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KBO said...

My sympathies. I had a wedding, or else I would have come in a NASA suit. I bet the good Dr. hates sabateuring anachronisms.

We should get together soon. I have a book to return to you.