Friday, October 10, 2008

Mama Got A Brand Bag

I love bags - clutches, purses, totes, messengers, etc. - and have found that one can never have too many. But the one kind of bag that I have never bought is a work bag. They're always too heavy or too leathery or too ugly and, usually, too professional. On the other hand, casual work bags have never really felt right either - that is until now. This summer I bought the perfect work bag and I gotta tell ya about it because I'm so lovin' it. It's light-weight, attractive, and casual/professional. And, it's the perfect amount of utilitarian. But the best thing about the whole bag is that it's made almost exclusively from recycled and reclaimed materials. Give me a woo hoo!


KBO said...

I hate you because now I really, really, REALLY want this bag. In green. But I absolutely, positively do not need it in any way.

Stuck in my head said...

I am glad you put this up here!! I remembered seeing it at your house the other day and couldn't remember what kind it was. Though I too, like KBO don't NEED a bag. Just really really want one. Though I could leave my other bag with a dog or leave it out in the rain for too long and then NEED to get another on.

Kathy G said...

My work bag is old and ugly, but it does what I need it to do. Maybe when I grow up and get a real job I'll get a cool one like you have!