Friday, June 27, 2008

My Jetta hearts Ernie Patti

I've never owned a car that I really liked for more than a few months until my VW Jetta. It has everything that I need in a car: decent gas mileage, a worthy interior package, and an appealing exterior look--not too sporty, not too conservative. The only issue that I have had with the car since I bought it in 2001 is the color. I call it blue-ish. VW calls it green-ish. They even gave it a fancy paint name which is something like "midnight green at dawn in january." I think everyone else calls it "the color of pavement." As in, my car and most paved roadway surfaces are the same color. And, it must be true because I have been hit 3 times since I've owned the car. Which is how Ernie Patti Collision Center and I became good friends. And while I appreciate the awesome work that they have done rebuilding my car over the years, they have done just as fine of a job helping me to keep her clean. I take the Jetta in about once, maybe twice, a year and let them work their magic. It's a little pricey but entirely worth it. And when the Jetta comes back, she looks brand new, well as brand new as a 7 year old car with a 3 year old co-pilot can look. So, go spend part of your "stimulatin' the economy check" on giving your car a fancy bath. I did.

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