Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tree Climb on the Big Oak

2 Above: Bill and Scott, the big Red Oak tree

Bill and Scott, the other middle school science teacher, started an after school club, called The Adventure Club, this year. As the name suggests, they try to learn about things and do activities that are adventurous. Their most recent adventure was to learn how to tree climb. You might be thinking that tree climbing doesn't sounds too adventurous, right? Well, take a look at the photographic evidence -- obviously, not the kind of tree climb that you might have imagined! At the back of our school, on this empty lot, lives this huge big 70 foot tall Red Oak tree. And, yep, as you can see, they climbed it! Bill, Scott, and their students, along with instructors Deanna and Guy from the LREC, all got harnessed up and up they went! Up and down. Over and over. Even Willa joined in. Although, at 6 years old, she stayed a little closer to the ground. The best part, to her, was being swung in the harness about 6 feet or so off the ground.

4 Above: Going up the tree, Still going, Up in the tree, and Bill doing a "Bat Hang"

2 Above: Willa climbing the tree, Willa staying warm

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