Monday, May 31, 2010

Rockin' the Mullet

Bill's sister in law, Jennifer, is a participant in a photo-based scavenger hunt. The way that it works is that each participant has to find and photograph the objects on the scavenger hunt list within the window of time that has been allotted. If you fail to find and photograph the items during the appropriate time, you are eliminated. One of the items on this weeks hunt was was a fun one: photographing a mullet. After heading to several of the places that Jennifer assumed the mullet-wearers would hangout she came up empty-handed. Tough luck! But, her luck would change when, during our Memorial Day festivities, Bill, who was in need of a haircut anyway, volunteered to get a mullet for the photo. Luckily, Jennifer, who is a systems analyst by day, moonlights as a stylist (she cuts her husband and two sons hair) and owns her own hair shears. So, off she went to grab the scissors and voila! One mullet.

This scene reminds me of Magritte or Dali painting. Or, a photo by Cindy Sherman. Badminton and Barbershop. Hysterical!

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