Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jury Duty

My jury duty summons arrived about a month ago. Because I'm a history teacher and because I love being entertained by stupidity, I am always excited by the possibility of serving as a juror. This is my 3rd time being called for duty. The first time, I participated too much (i.e. I answered too many questions voluntarily) and got axed. The second time, I had a different strategy--I played it cool, only answering questions directly asked of me by the attorney(s). I don't know if it was my strategy or something else but I was selected to be part of the jury for a criminal case. Woo Hoo!! And, it was a crazy ass trial ---revoked driver's license, outstanding warrants, baby mama drama, gun-toting, gun-shooting, police chase, car crash. Could it get any better? It did. The alleged perpetrator's defense rested solely a dude named "Boo." I'm not kidding. Boo. No real name, no real address, no real phone number, no real nothing. Just Boo. Boo. Well, I was taken to the edge of crazy myself before I was finally able to convince about 3 of the 12 jurors that Boo didn't exist. Can you believe? I couldn't until that day. So, the 3rd time, this time, that I was summoned I assumed that I wouldn't get picked due to my last jury service. But, I was. Criminal case again--armed robbery, stolen vehicle, resisting arrest-- but I can't say anything else because we haven't finished yet. What I can say though is we have at least one juror who's in the running to be crowned "Queen Stupid." Her response to 11, 12, & 13 yr olds having babies...."what's wrong with that?" ugh.

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