Sunday, September 10, 2006

Polish Power

The weekend after Labor Day might just be another weekend to most people but if you're Polish you know that it's time for the Polish Festival (and shame on you if you don't!). Held each year at the Polish Falcons compound on St. Louis Avenue, the Festival attracts a modest, but loyal, crowd that loves to show off it's red and white pride. Of course, the best part of making the trip to the near north side of town is the food. Eight dollars buys the Polish Dinner Plate which is a sampler of Polands finest--cabbage roll, pierogi, and kielbasa. You also get Polish style mashed potatoes and green beans. If you're still hungry, you can chose from a variety of Polish pastries for dessert. Willa skipped the food and headed straight for the games of chance and polka music.

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