Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Forest Park Grand Basin - Part 1

One of the features of the revitalized Forest Park is the renewal of the park-wide stream system. The waterways are now linked in a series of lakes, streams, waterfalls, and marshes that allows the water to circulate and oxygenate. The oxygenated water provides better habitat for all manner of wildlife. On just a short walk we came across herons, red-tailed hawks, finches, kingfishers, and several species of wood warblers.

The goldfinches hop from chicory to chicory along the foot paths

Little green herons inhabit the marshy areas of the Grand Basin

The city's name-sake strikes a pose above the Grand Basin

On top of the Art museum are these gilded eagles.

You can check out a Ipod Shuffle with a self-guided walking tour or download the tours from Forest Park Forever.

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